Board of Directors


Vice President

My name is April Keighan, and I am a PCP from Edmonton, Alberta. I also run children’s summer camps and volunteer on the board of directors for Surprise Lake Camp.

For years, I have been looking for an opportunity to utilize those volunteer skills, and get involved in something directly related to EMS. Many of my friends and family (First Responders and otherwise) have been affected by PTSD, so it is something I hold close to my heart. When I was approached about joining the Sea To Sea family, I jumped at the chance. I’m looking forward to contributing to bringing awareness to PTSD, as well as breaking the stigma surrounding mental health in general.


Chairwoman of the board

I'm a 21 year old firefighter from central Alberta.

Whether or not you have endured trauma on the job, we take on this work expecting the worst. In less than three years of firefighting I've seen what the emergency services world holds in views and treatment of mental health and there's often times little to no internal department support for personnel.

The current standards are changing for the better but nonetheless unacceptable. We have to work together to break these chains as we continue to lose remarkable people to suicide.

Support not only us on our journey across Canada - but support your local emergency services, military communities, and those you hold close in your life.



Acting Treasurer

Law Enforcement

I joined Sea to Sea For PTSD in support of my partner and friend Chad in his journey to help raise awareness and promote wellness for & amongst our brothers and sisters in the First Responder and Military word.


My name is Rachael I’m a 12 year active volunteer firefighter in all different ranks along the way! My hero is the handsome man in the first photo my grandfather who was 35 year career RCMP and who I grew up with!

I’m personally familiar the lack of resources available and truly want to be apart of anything positively part to change all of this & this group certainly seems to be making waves so am truly honoured to be here & excited to assist in every way I can!

Please reach out any time



My name is Chandra and I am on the Board of Directors for Sea to Sea for PTSD.

I am a Full Time Primary Care Paramedic in BC and have been doing this job since 2010.

Several years ago, I suffered a PTS injury and I felt so alone. At the time, there was very little awareness about Post Traumatic Stress injuries in first responders and I felt like nobody understood what I was going through or how to help me. As part of my healing, I made the decision that I wasn’t going to hide my diagnosis or keep it to myself. I made the decision that if my speaking up helped even one person then I would do whatever I could to help raise awareness about what a Post Traumatic Stress injury looked like in a first responder. When Chad first mentioned on a messaging forum about wanting to raise awareness and was tossing around ideas, I remember putting my hand up and saying I would help in whatever way I could. I want to raise awareness. I want to let every single first responder know that they are never alone, and that it’s ok to not be ok. In this family, nobody fights alone. Lets end this stigma and raise as much awareness as we can!!


I am currently off work for the past 2 plus years. I have 18 plus years with Federal corrections in 3 different institutions. I've been a correctional officer for 14 of those.

I became more involved in many avenues to support first responders with PTSD/OSI after becoming a local regional union rep and helping others, and after being diagnosed myself and seeing the lack of resources and need for support esp in the Maritimes, as well as the stigma that still surrounds first responders who are affected.

In the past few years, I've participated in extensive fundraising, organizing (with a group of amazing other first responders) an annual PTSD awareness run for first responders and donating funds to initiatives for mental health and PTSD. I am also a facilitator for Wings of Change Peer Support (Dieppe chapter). Most recently we organized a Mental Wellness expo with support from the Canadian Mental Health Association of NB, which unfortunately had to be postponed due to Covid. I have developed a large network of professionals, media, support programs etc. over the years and can’t wait to do anything I can to assist with this initiative!!!! Looking forward to working together with this amazing team!!!